Simple Dinner – Wedge Salad – Beef Tenderloin – Green Beans

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Y’all, it has been a busy weekend for me. All fun, but busy just the same. Sometimes the most simple dinners are so great. Presentation can also make those simple dinners not only look amazing but fun to eat. I think presentation does have certain importance with what we eat. I mean we do like to eat good looking food.

Take the salad for instance, a chopped salad is great indeed, but changing things up and making a wedge salad gives it a different visual appeal.

This wedge salad is so simple – a wedge of lettuce, peppercorn buttermilk ranch, carrot ribbons, spiral cucumber, a little shredded cheese, grape tomatoes, and a couple of croutons. Ta Da! Seriously though, it’s pretty right?!?

I like to make fresh dressings when possible. This one is so easy. It just tastes so much better and fresher than the bottled stuff. That’s not saying I’m against bottled dressing cause I use them too.

Peppercorn Buttermilk Ranch Dressing:
1 Packet Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch
1 c Mayonnaise
1 c Buttermilk
Fresh Cracked Peppercorn

The beef tenderloin is a peppercorn marinated beef tenderloin that you’d find in the fresh meat section of your grocery store. Two tenderloins come  in the packet and all you have to do is throw them on the grill. You can’t get easier than that and they are excellent. I just added a side of green beans.

There you go. An easy dinner, quick, and delicious. Healthy too! Now I can spend my evening relaxing a bit before the work week starts.


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