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My recipe didn’t turn out right!  What did I do wrong?
I’m not sure. The recipes I post are tested using the ingredients and instructions I have included. If any changes were made, that could have an effect on the outcome.

Can I share your recipes?
Of course you can, if it’s done correctly. I put a lot of work into my recipes and blog post. You are welcome to share a photo if it includes a link to my post. You may share post directly to your social media outlets from Julia’s Simply Southern or share a link to the post. Never copy and paste my work. I appreciate the shares!

Why did my comment get deleted?
If you posted a link to a website without permission or anything that may be offensive or just not nice to others, your post was deleted. We are a family friendly website.

Why aren’t there nutritional values for your recipes?
My blog basis is the sharing of my recipes. With a job and family, I just do not have the time to calculate nutritional values. There are websites you can use to assist you with to find this information if it’s important to you, such as Fitness Pal Nutrition Calculator.

Why don’t you discuss your family?
I love them dearly but I do not discuss family by name to protect their privacy.

Do you have a cookbook out?
Not yet. There has been some interest and I’m currently working on recipes and photos to plan a book project. Stay tuned.