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Deep South Dish Cookbook Review

I have been a fan of the Deep South Dish and author Mary Foreman‘s southern food blog for years now. I was thrilled at the opportunity to receive a copy of her new Best Selling cookbook Deep South Dish ~ Homestyle Southern Recipes to review. I was so excited when I received a copy of the book last week and I began flipping right through those pages, reading her delicious recipes and what a great first impression.

My first thought – the print size is wonderful. This is a book that is easy to read especially when you’re using it to do a task like cooking. The layout makes the book easy to use with tab sections for the recipes. The photos she adds to the recipe pages are great so you can see what your dish will look like. Mary’s recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients she uses are items we usually have in our kitchens anyway. Mary is a home cook just like all of us so she keeps it simple and easy to follow. Who doesn’t appreciate that, especially when trying something new?

Mary’s blog has been so successful that it was her fans who requested a cookbook from her. The debut on QVC sold out in minutes. She made another appearance on QVC last night. Here is a link to the video so you can see some of her dishes for yourself. I’m not even joking when I tell you that you’re going to drool!

I can tell you as a blogger myself, it’s a lot of work writing recipes. As cooks we often know how much of each ingredient to add, we don’t usually measure. To write it down and give those amounts to others takes time, and testing to make sure you’re giving instruction for it to turn out the way you make it. Mary does a wonderful job sharing countless recipes. One of the things I really loved when I first discovered her website was the tradition she shares, and her own stories with her posts.

The reviews of those who have bought her book have been excellent. People are saying “my go to cookbook” , “outstanding”, and “this cookbook delivers”.  If you like southern cooking, you’ll really enjoy the Deep South Dish cookbook. I’ve made a couple of Mary’s recipes as she wrote them and they turn out just as she says and I’ve used her recipes as guides and added my own flare. If you can get that out of a cookbook, it’s well worth it.

Here is a link for the review of another favorite food blogger ~ Aunt Bee’s Recipes. You can check out her review as well as an interview she did with Mary Foreman.

Here are some examples of the customer feedback received from those who have bought the book:

I would definitely recommend you all getting a copy for yourself, I know you’ll enjoy this cookbook as much as I do.

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