Day Trip – Charleston, South Carolina

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Quite a picturesque view when arriving to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina. Located in the area known as the “Plantation District” of Charleston on the Ashley River where many well known plantations are located in the area.

The house we see today is the third house to be built on the property. The first two were lost to fire, one by a lightening strike and the second by hand of the Union army.

Magnolia Plantation has been in the same original family for more than three centuries. Some sections of the gardens are over 325 years old. Quite a bit of beautiful history on these lands.

As you walk the grounds you’ll hear the strange cry of peacocks who freely roam the grounds.
We started our visit with a tour of the house. What a delight that the tour guide worked for the owners while they last lived in the main house in the 1970’s as a teenager. He was full of interesting history and it made for a wonderful tour. He was invited to give a tour eight years ago and has been doing so ever since.



After a tour of the house we were off on the boat tour. The boat tour was of an area inside the levies built by slaves for growing rice. It took 200 slaves five years to build the levy. The wildlife on this tour was fascinating, including the American Alligator who was basking in the sun by the pluff mud to greet us as we walked toward the boat.
Looks friendly, don’t ya think? Supposedly they lie around during the day to help regulate their temperature and digest food from their hunting the night before and won’t bother you. Of course I don’t want to ever get close enough to find out if that is true. I’ll just take the word of those who say so.
Lastly after the boat tour we were off to walk the grounds and gardens. If you’ve never been you will not be disappointed.







After we left Magnolia Plantation we were off to downtown Charleston for dinner at Hank’s Seafood Restaurant , a locals favorite and certainly one ours. We eat there every trip. We share everything so it’s win win and enjoyed a lump crab cocktail, shrimp cocktail, lobster, steak au poivre with pimento cheese grits, and fried green tomatoes. The peppercorn sauce is soooo delicious! Everything was! Here’s a look at their menu: Hank’s Dinner Menu . Be sure to make reservations if you want to dine there. They are packed every night. There is open seating at the bar and a community table.


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