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Do you ever have bread that you just know is going to go bad if you don’t use it fast? I do especially when I buy a fresh loaf from the bakery or bake my own bread. I also make my own bread crumbs. Items of convenience such as packaged bread crumbs or croutons are typically a little pricey. You can make your own for a lot less.

One of my favorite breads I pick up at the deli is an Everything Italian Loaf – and I can get it for $1.00. I enjoy slicing it for sandwiches and I use what’s left before I think it will spoil to make croutons. Best thing it’s already seasoned and it already has olive oil on the crust. All you have to do is cube it and bake it until golden brown. I do this by placing my bread cubes “croutons” on a cookie sheet and place into a preheated 300 degree oven. It only takes a few minutes so keep watch. Once the croutons are browned remove from the oven and let cool down completely. Place the croutons into a storage bag and you’ve got croutons on hand that are delicious and homemade.

You can also make croutons out of regular bread that has not been seasoned and you can customize the flavors you enjoy. to do this add your cubed bread to a mixing bowl and drizzle on 3 tbs of olive oil or melted butter and toss. Add your favorite seasonings and spices then place on a cookie sheet and bake.


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